The President himself looked at Vanity Fair's Blogopticon and wondered if one of his two selves was getting the short end of the internet stick. And Negropedia Brown has cracked the case!

The answer, of course, is simple:


For Vanity Fair, a publication that reps a cosmopolitan city like New York, at the heart of the world's melting pot, and now finds the Obamas moving more units than pretty models, to have such a narrow commercial perspective on their website is disappointing. You shouldn't need Bono to force you to open up your worldview a little. But also, luckily, this is all very fixable! Nothing some tweaks and a new matrix can't get right. In fact we might be able to get started here.

Negropedia rummaged around in his knapsack then emerged with this:

We have about 30 sites on here. We lose the continuum of news/opinion — since most sites seem to offer a mix of both as a matter of course — in order to add a cultural continuum. Feel free to add tips, suggestions etc.. Next weekend we'll have the full updated clickable Blog Mela-Matrix.

Send hate-mail, crickets, tar feathers and the rest to my home base. And with that, I'm off to lick my wounds and nurture my page-view sensitivity with a tall refreshing girly-drink. XOX -TAN