Look At This Fucking Hipster, a blog about looking at hipsters, and then making fun of them, has scored a book deal. Plus the formerly anonymous, self-loathing author has been revealed!

He's Joe Mande, a "comedian/ writer" who graduated from Emerson College, has a show at Upright Citizens Brigade theater, appears on Best Week Ever once in a while, and was named the "Best New Comedian" this year by Time Out New York. He doesn't look like I imagined, which is okay! Max Silvestri interviewed him for us last month.

There have been many Tumblr-to-book deals, including ones from current or former Gawker employees Doree Shafrir, Richard Blakeley, and Nick Douglas, but as brilliant as those may be, none of them include pictures of people like this, and therefore LATFH The Book (due out next spring!) may well be the awesomest of all.

We've emailed Joe Mande and we'll let you know when we hear whatever he has to say about all this.
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