Today we ponder a trailer for the next HBO prestige-o-palooza, The Pacific. Should we call it the The Thin Band of Brothers? Saving Private Red Line? Who knows.

Anyway, yes here is the trailer. That one guy who looks so familiar? Little Joseph Mazzzello! From Jurassic Park! Years, huh? [THR]

We knew this, but yes it's now officially happening. T.R. Knight, George or Pete or Sanderson or Wendell or Falloogin or whatever the stupid fuck his stupid name is on Grey's Anatomy, is leaving that show for good. Forever. Got hit by a bus, never to return. But! He's starring in Parade at the Mark Taper F-room soon. So that's exciting. A great show, that is. [THR]

From zero to... something slightly more than zero. Julianne Hough, who with her creepy brother dances on the show for dancing when there are stars involved (and also has a "country music career" that is mostly made up, a spell cast by gypsies and other strange folk), will star in Footloose: The Movie: Again. This project used to star Zac Efron and was maybe going to be good. Now it stars Julianne Hough and Chace goddamned Crawford and now the whole thing is sour and brown and nobody even wants to dance. Jonathan Winters is probably still attached. [Variety]

The Cove, a stringent documentary about the mistreatment of dolphins, won top awards at the Nantucket Film Festival over the weekend. Other winners at the Nantucket fest were The Volvo to Nowhere, a searing family drama shot by summer resident Arthur Waxingdale, and The Furtive Handjob Out By the Tennis Courts, a coming-of-age story about pretty much every guy on the island except for Lenny Daniels, who's just, y'know, weird. [Variety]

A man with the ethnic-sounding name of Ron Taylor was just appointed the head of diversity for Fox television. It's a whole new position! Like, they created an executive position in this economy! That is remarkable. Taylor's job will involve incorporating minorities into the net's programming, hopefully not when they're in prison or being early dismissed from singing competitions or being murdered by Kiefer Sutherland. We're thinking Glee, is what we're thinking. [THR]