The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation isn't buying Perez Hilton's line that he called Will.I.Am a gay slur to taunt the singer with his own intolerance. The organization wants an apology. And Hilton pretty much has to give one.

The self-described "Queen of All Media" has heaped mocking abuse on himself for years. But ever since he went after Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean over gay marriage, the celebrity gossip has positioned himself as a crusading gay rights advocate; this was his license for calling Prejean a "bitch."

Hilton isn't going to be able to square the sort of orthodoxy with calling Will.I.Am a "gay... faggot" to get under his skin at a Toronto nightclub. GLAAD correctly smells vulnerability, and Hilton is going to have give them their pound of flesh.


The group's press release: