Rebekah Wade, editor of the UK tabloid The Sun, has been promoted to overseer of all five of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers in England. Let's hear about her fabulous life of bliss with her horse trainer/ vibrator entrepreneur husband!

Wade recently got hitched with Charlie Brooks, a longtime racehorse trainer who started up a little sex toy business back in '02:

Charlie Brooks, who set up a business selling sex toys after quitting racing, posted the catalogues to parents at Cheam Hawtreys School - where Prince Philip is also a former pupil.

The A Little Something for the Weekend brochure offered a range of saucy products including vibrators and boxer shorts featuring phonebox sex cards.

That shows character! Tatler has a story in its newest issue about Brooks' wooing of Wade, which is summarized by the Guardian. They know famous wealthy people! And the powerful! They are quite the toast of the leisure class!

"When Charlie Brooks wakes up in the mornings at his barn in Oxfordshire, he likes nothing better than to fly to Venice from Oxford airport with his soon-to-be-wife Rebekah Wade, the dazzling redhead editor of The Sun, for lunch at Harry's Bar.
"Later in the day, after shopping and sightseeing, the couple fly back to London for dinner at Wiltons in Jermyn Street." (...)

"When they're not in Venice, Charlie and Rebekah go on holiday with the Freuds on their boat... the Oppenheim Turners at their house in St Tropez... and with the Daventrys in the country.

Also Wade was once arrested for assaulting her former husband, a British soap opera star! Just goes to show the fundamental class of the Brits. Meanwhile, Rebekah Wade's US counterpart, Col Allan, is just drunk.
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