Wisconsin is home of the media crazy. A TV anchorwoman in La Crosse traced those harassing emails she was getting—they're coming from inside her co-anchor's house!

Amy DuPont, a morning anchor, said she's gotten more than 20 emails in the past two years from a mysterious "Mario," who "wrote that he was sick of hearing about her child and she was bad at her job." Haha! Oh but yea, this:

Meteorologist Zach Brown's roommate Jonathan Edwards admitted sending them. He said DuPont was mean to Brown but Brown never stuck up for himself. Brown said he knew his roommate was sending them and asked him to stop.

WXOW-TV news director Sean Dwyer said Brown no longer works at the station.

If they're not already optioning this for 'Anchorman 2' then I am very disappointed in Hollywood.
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