Nick Jonas (not the ugly one) (but not the cute one?) testified on Capitol Hill today, and guess who acted like a bunch of tween girls: the mothers of tween girls, and the DC press corps. And a Senator!

Nick has Type I Diabetes, and he packed a Senate Homeland Security (?) and Governmental Affairs Committee briefing today with girls and their moms as he said some things about helping sick kids, or something, no one really payed much attention to what he said so much. A girl even fainted!

Politico's Pat Gavin got pictures of the crowd and the kids! And videos!

And he depressed Washington Times videographer and Yoga studio owner Liz Glover!

Yesterday, Nick met New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg (WHOOO!!!) at his office, where, according to the AP, "roughly a dozen Capitol Hill interns waited quietly across the hall from Lautenberg's office for a glimpse of Jonas."

And then he sprayed the entire subcommittee with a fire hose. Meanwhile the Senate will probably enter the July recess with the health care bill still in committee.

[Top photo: AP]