Genetics company 23AndMe can purportedly help you predict your health in decades to come, but we're hearing the three-year-old company can't even forecast its own near-term needs: A tipster tells us the company laid off seven employees.

"There was some talk about meeting 'aggressive sales targets' to get through next year," this person added, inmplying the company will quickly burn through the $13 million 23AndMe just raised from Sergey Brin and the company he co-founded, Google. Brin is married to 23AndMe's co-founder, Anne Wojcicki (pictured); 23AndMe also just leased office space from Google.

23AndMe is also in the process of raising another $11 million from other investors to close out its second round of financing. The company had a total of 30 employees, according to CrunchBase, but it's not clear how up-to-date that number is.

23AndMe didn't respond to a call and email seeking comment; presumably the startup is busy trying to get more money in the door. Time for more spit parties.