The Boy with the Yellow Rose was all set to meet Megan Fox on the Today Show this morning, but Michael Jackson's death nixed that. All's not loss: our tipster who found the young lad is now $5,000 richer.

So mechanical soul-stealing conglomerate Kodak offered $5,000 to anyone who could track down Megan Fox's scorned wooer. The bounty worked. A reader realized she was friends with the lad on Facebook and she's getting the big prize. Young Harvii was flown from London to New York yesterday and scheduled to appear at the Today Show this morning to meet Ms. Fox live in person. But then the Michael Jackson death happened and so Fox was bumped and has flown back to LA. A sad thing. We have a chance to talk to the lad, so we can at least hear his side of the story. Stay tuned for that hard-hitting interview this afternoon.

In the meantime, let's meet the lucky lady!

What's your name, young lady?

My name is Kim Falardeau, 20 yo, from montreal canada. that makes me a french canadian. i like movies travelling, music concerts, i started tattoing, play ps3 psn games LOL
im a big geek who can beat my bf at w.o.w
hope thats enough

French Canadian! So now that you're a millionaire in Canadian Dollars, what will you do with your riches?

Probably gonna pay off my bills n buy myself a nice imac to match my bfs macbookpro! loll I work in a comunication place but right now im off work cuz im sick
sooooooo ill spend good time on my new computer lol

How terribly practical (read: Canadian) of you!