At a fundraiser yesterday, VP Joe Biden tried, fruitlessly, to appease a gay community enraged by Barack Obama's not caring about their issues all that much. He is "not unaware of the controversy!"

But he promises—promises!—that things will totally get better soon. Or eventually.

See Obama campaigned against the Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and now that he is president he does not talk about those things so much. Obviously he's got a lot of important things to do but on the other hand adding those two things to the list is like picking up milk on your way home from a long weekend hiking down the Appalachian Trail—if you really cared you'd remember!

So Biden answered those who say the President broke implicit and explicit promises by making more (often vaguer) promises:

Biden acknowledged the anger many gays and lesbians have toward the White House, and he pledged to "put some pace on the ball."
He said that gay and lesbian concerns will not be "delayed, put off or not end up on [Obama's] plate" because he is dealing with so many other issues.

Biden drew repeated standing ovations, according to a pool report, as he pledged the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the passage of the Lieberman-Baldwin bill on health benefits, a ban on workplace discrimination, adoption rights for all and an end to the HIV travel ban.
On Thursday, Biden said the administration is committed to "the unfinished business of true equality."

"I promise you with your help we'll get there in this administration," he said, going as far as to add that if the country achieves gender equality, "I will have marked my term as vice president as being truly worthwhile."

Openly gay Representatives Tammy Baldwin, Jared Polis, and Barney Frank all attended the dinner, and because of that the crowd of "about 50 protesters" outside the dinner called them all "Gay Uncle Toms."

There really should be a separate term for Gay traitors! We suggest either "Gay Uncle Bruce" or "Just Jack."

[Photo: AP]