Christopher X Brodeur, the kind of inspiring lunatic and perpetual media critic and NYC mayoral candidate who was news around here back in aught-five or so, is now homeless. Can he crash on your floor?

As you can imagine, his situation is harder than the average homeless person because of his history of speaking out against "thousands of Bloombag crimes" while the rest of the media cowered in fear. If you have space for him, let him know. His email:

Got a floor for $200? CXB was robbed and is homeless!

Anyone who lives around downtown manhattan have a FLOOR I can sleep on for a few weeks for $200?

* as you may have heard I was robbed of $4300 I saved up to find a new place.
* the police and DA refuse to help; they say hire a lawyer and maybe I'll get my money and home back in 4 years!
* Most of my friends don't have any space to put me up.
* I ride a bike 365 days a year b/c I care about the environment and don't have money for the MTA, so far is bad.
* The place I found after a 3 month search had my rent at zero dollars a month, b/c I'm poor!
* I also lost my job and much much more, so it's not like I can just get a new place.
* I still work in Manhattan one day a week and do almost all my stuff there (and at the courthouses in downtown brooklyn).
* I've only lasted this long b/c of people letting me sleep on their floors temporarily.
* I even slept in a hallway several times and almost got caught!
* my options are pretty slim.
* the scam artist crook who robbed me just tricked my best friends into making me even MORE homeless and broke!
* (His name is [ENEMY]. Beware, b/c he didn't just rob me. He robbed many artists, bounced checks, etc etc.)
* I just need a consistent spot to sleep each night near downtown manhattan. A floor will do.
* I've been carrying a HEAVY "mobile home" forever now. Need to be able to store heavy laptop and odd guitar.
* I need somewhere I can keep clothes and maybe shower.
* being homeless is more exhausting than you can believe.

* due to hundreds of facts, my situation is harder than any other homeless person. EX: I have to expose thousands of Bloombag crimes b/c no one else will tell you the truth. Not the Voice, not the Times—-NO ONE. We can stop this criminal, but only if I finish these websites. EX: if not for my many legal cases, I would just pack up and leave NYC and go ANYWHERE affordable. This town is dead and over. But I don't even know if I'm going back to jail, which makes renting and job hunting real difficult. (City Hall always jails me during reelection campaigns b/c I'm very very dangerous to their phony reputations.) (Also, the crook who robbed me got the slimy police and DA to falsely arrest ME to slow me down as I expose him. I'm facing 2 years in jail b/c these crooks hate law and facts.) (See: Criminal Bloombag falsely arresting 1800 New Yorkers during the RNC who broke no laws!)

PERHAPS YOUR RENT is high and you could use a wonderful house guest temporarily. (I do dishes and love to clean!)

(Ladies, I'm trying to return to celibacy b/c I'm sick of the slavery of love and lust. Maybe cuddling is possible.)

Man, it's hard to believe I wanted to leave this planet beginning when I was ten years old, eh?

(How's that for prescience!?)