How MySpace Humiliates Fired Workers

MySpace's CEO purportedly keeps his body pretty tight. But he should lay off the weight obsession at work. Owen Van Natta said MySpace was "bloated" when he laid off 400 workers; now they're reportedly called "fat" to their faces.

Says TechCrunch:

MySpace has been holding a number of meetings for staff... during which they've referred to the recently terminated employees as "fat". Unfortunately, some of these "fatty" employees have been present at these very meetings - the company has kept a number of terminated employees onboard through the duration of their contract...

And if that weren't bad enough, workers' final paychecks will bounce, incurring a bank fee and possible overdrafts, since MySpace screwed up its calculations and put a stop payment on the drafts. Hopefully you didn't deposit yours too quickly!


It's a good thing MySpace's business doesn't involve brokering sensitive relationships or allowing people to communicate clearly with one another.