The media needs heroes in these dark days. And what is more heroic than fighting off a Sex Thug, hmm?

One unidentified 32 year-old MTV employee was returning to her apartment early Friday morning when a sex thug grabbed her from behind. In a display of intestinal fortitude uncharacteristic of the industry in which she works, she fought her attacker off!

"My immediate reaction was to fight back," she said. "I gave chase and was screaming at the top of my lungs. One of the doormen [from a nearby building] came out and called 911."

She drove around with cops and spotted the suspect, who was charged with burglary and sex abuse.

We salute you, unidentified MTV employee. You are a hero to us and the rest of the sniveling media. Please, write in and tell us your secret.
[NYP. Pic: Getty.]