Condoms: Are teenagers sufficiently aware of their existence? Despite being the subject of the world's highest number of bizarre ads, you can never be too sure. The newest ways to corrupt kids' minds, sexually: direct mail, and Leighton Meester videos.

Planned Parenthood is mailing condoms to college kids in their welcome packets, which would be totally passé in developed regions of the country. But this was in Missouri!

Chief among the university's concerns, Smart said, was an ad for Planned Parenthood with a condom attached. In bold type at the top of the insert are the words: "Welcome to MSU!"...

Smart said the university had received nearly a hundred phone calls about the material — mostly with concerns about the Planned Parenthood ad.

Haha! I thought that sort of protest went out of fashion in the 90s. Missourian parents are total throwbacks! For the more jaded kids in first-world parts of America, Trojan has paid for some product placement in the new Cobra Starship video, starring Leighton Meester and some young jerk in white sunglasses, who "makes it rain," with condoms.

Not since Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, a member of R&B girl group TLC, wore a condom in place of her left eyeglass lens in the 1990s has safe sex received such a starring role.

It's only one small step from this to "making it rain" with American Eagle t-shirts, or cans of Pepsi, or Taco Bell spicy chicken wraps, which is a trend much more disturbing than the trend of telling kids about condoms. Priorities, Missouri.
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