The Way We Live Now: Crushed by the system. In Russia, there's not gambling (What!). In New York, train's not cheap (Yea!). You went to war, you're homeless now, with rainwater to eat (Say Word!).

Gambling is bad for poor people, except all the people who work in casinos, who would otherwise be poor. The latest bright idea of Vladimir Putin, monster: He's shutting the casinos down in Russia. All of them. Closed. Hundreds of thousands of people will be put out of work. They won't be put into work, in more useful industries; they'll just be locked out, to wander the streets, dealing blackjack for nickels. Casinos will be allowed to relocate, if they choose, to the very very worst regions of the Russian empire, like the North Korean border and the Siberian tundra.


But not as fun as harvesting your own precious rainwater, for survival. Which is now legal in Colorado! No more fighting off the revernooers who come round trying to tell you you can't collect rainwater on your roof, cause it belongs to some big fancy businessman down in Denver. Times have changed! You're now free to collect as much rainwater as you like, hobos!

Rainwater, mmm!

It's the least the government can do for us. In all other ways, we are quashed like so many erroneous subpoenas under the oppressive thumb of the fuzzy MAN. Our subway fares are going up along with service cuts. We're mad about it! Our soldiers risk their lives in needless wars for a pittance only to come home to homelessness. We're saddened and shocked! But we don't do much about it, do we? No, we're too busy luxuriating in our new multimillon-dollar Minnesota Hindu temple.

Minnesota Hindus: the new scapegoats? Only you can decide.