So it's been a weird day. Things changing everywhere! But at least some things are constant: the gurgling sea cucumbers at Fox & Friends will never get it. Today's confusion? The case of the cardboard bear. Everyone was perplexed.

Last week, a clip surfaced of a Cleveland local news outfit that hilariously used a cardboard cutout bear in a story about a real bear. This morning, the Fox & Friends embarked on a discussion about journalism ethics.

Haha, not really. Everyone on set—Grethcy-wetchy, Bri-Bri, Doocy—just got befuddled and ruminative. What is the best way to do a fake bear shot? You probably use a sports mascot. You also don't make a bear "gallop," because bears don't gallop.

Eventually Gretchen just crept into her crawlspace again and Brian started quietly singing old Linda Ronstadt songs to himself and Doocy went to go meet a bear or wander around in the lobby aimlessly for hours on end, his brain clicking and whirring, clicking and whirring, forever. Like a broken record player needle just trying to find its groove.

I love these crazy kids!