As we know, Roger Friedman—the writer who got fired by Fox for reviewing an illegally leaked online version of the film Wolverine but claimed it was really a crazy Scientology conspiracy—is suing. The amount? $5.18 million.

That's damages for "wrongful termination, tortious interference and libel defamation." All, of course, stemming from the fact that Friedman wrote critical things of those wacky-yet-lovable Scientologists and Fox is in league with their most powerful members, so the whole "Hey you reviewed a film made by the studio you work for that you downloaded illegally so maybe you shouldn't have this job anymore" thing was just a red herring! A McGuffin meant to distract us from the wicked thetan-clearing hordes that control Hollywood.

Our question: If Friedman is claiming that money as any sort of lost earnings, how the hell much money was he making in the first place?

Update: The HuffPo, which first reported news of the suit, said Friedman "is expected" to bring up the Scientology allegations he made to the New York Daily News in his lawsuit. A source on Friedman's side of the litigation is mad at us because they say the suit filed today in New York Supreme Court doesn't mention Scientology. We asked his lawyer, Martin Garbus, to send over a copy of the complaint and will post an update when we get it.

Update 2: Garbus' office sent the complaint over and we discuss it here. (Yes, it does include the word "Scientology," but only once.)