A fourteen-year-old French girl is the only survivor rescued from yesterday's Yemeni plane crash. (Initial reports had said she was 5.) She held on to floating wreckage for thirteen hours in the Indian Ocean before being rescued.

Yesterday's reports of a five-year-old survivor appear to have been incorrect: It seems that they were referring to Bahia Bakari, a Marseilles resident who was traveling with her mother to visit relatives in Comoros. That's her being treated by doctors in a Comoros hospital.

According to Bakari's father, she was thrown from the plane during the crash, and heard the voices of other passengers calling out in the night. But those voices eventually stopped, reports the Daily Telegraph:

[T]he "fragile and timid" Bahia Bakari, 14, had to hang on to a lump of cabin debris from flight IY626 before being spotted floundering in a turbulent sea full of oil and dead bodies.

When she was finally found she was suffering from extreme tiredness and hypothermia, had cuts to her face and a fractured collar-bone.

The plane Bakari was traveling on, which is operated by Yemenia airlines, was cited by French aviation authorities for "a certain number of faults" after a 2007 inspection. According to the AP, Comoros residents "have long complained of a lack of seat belts on Yemenia flights and planes so overcrowded that passengers had to stand in the aisles."