Weird! Last year Michael Wolff thought Politico was lame because politics is boring. Now he thinks it is the greatest thing ever! Politico's foreign policy correspondent disagrees, which is why he quit after six months.

Sez the former writer:

"One of my frustrations about the place," Cloud continued, "I'm used to covering those things straight, by straight I didn't mean they were pressuring me to inject some point of view into a story. It's all done through the lens, ‘what does this mean for Obama?' It's an important lens to view things through, but it's not the only lens I wanted to view those events through."

It was also a problem that they wanted—needed!—him to file constantly, because he was their only person covering, you know, "foreign policy, defense, Obama's position in the world," and lots of other things that aren't easy to find a quick and convenient Matt Drudge-baiting "hook" for.

And this is what Mr. Wolff said about the Politico last fall:

"It's the highest form of naiveté to think there's a sea change in our interest in politics. There's a hardcore interest among a relatively small group who are interested in politics. Those people will always be there, but they are not a business. Just because this has been an exciting election with some novel figures in it, it's absurd to assume that represents a sea change in our interest in politics… By that logic, you could have made a media business out of a news event like hurricane Katrina. That's exactly what this is: people are not interested in politics."

Hah. We would be interested in "Hurricane Katrina Monthly," though!