CNN: Bennett: Sanford needs to stop 'embarrassing himself.'" And if there's anyone who should know about embarrassing yourself, it's Bill Bennett! So it's just a little weird that CNN doesn't mention Bill's own experiences with public embarrassment.

Bennett is identified only as a "conservative talk radio host and CNN contributor," which makes him sound like David Brody or something. He is a former Secretary of Education and Drug Czar! Also he is a known high-stakes gambler who lost literally millions in Vegas! This from a man who wrote The Book of Virtures and who moralizes nonstop about self-discipline and "the Moral Collapse of the American Family." It was a little bit embarrassing, for Bill!

But CNN does not bring any of this up. They just report that Bill thinks South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford should "ditch politics and focus solely on getting his life back in order." Maybe he should become a CNN contributor! Then no one would have to hear about his various moral failings ever again. Except that he would probably just bring them up himself all the time, because he's a weirdo who can't stop digging.