There are book deals happening today! Bloggers will publish, governors will not, and a peculiar, and speculative, sci-fi series lands a publisher.

James Frey's new sci-fi series has landed a publisher. HarperCollins Children's Books will handle North America for I Am Number Four, the first part in a six-installment book series about space teenagers who hide out on Earth because there's shit going down on their planet. Frey's writing partner, recent Columbia MFA grad Jobie Hughes, will actually do most of the writing, Frey's just the guy who came up with the idea. And, you know, got the thing sold. DreamWorks has already optioned the book and Michael Bay is interested. [NYT]

A blogger, like for the internet, has sold a book! And guess what! It's not based on a blog! Wonkette editor Ken Layne will go through HarperStudio to have his travelogue-cum-social theory tome The Left Coast published. Here's the blurb: "Ken Layne's THE LEFT COAST is a history of California's culture, environment and politics framed by his bravely idiotic solo hike up the entire 1,000-mile coastline of America's weirdest, most populous state." Sounds interesting! [HS]

Poor disgraced Argentinian loveboy Mark Sanford will not be publishing his planned second book. The South Carolina governor was set to roll out a book called Within Our Means about spending money like good right winger, but now that it's been revealed that both his heart and penis are functioning properly, he is no longer qualified to talk about anything ever again. [Time]

That whole unauthorized sequel to Catcher in the Rye was blocked by a judge when J.D. Salinger sued because a) he's a crank and b) he was right, but now the defense lawyer for Coming Through the Rye has said they'll appeal. So it'll all go on forever. [GalleyCat]