The South Carolina Republican leadership has decided to "censure" folksy sex troll Mark Sanford, essentially letting him get away with his South American fornication forays. They then proclaimed this "sad chapter" closed and called for "a time for healing."

Reports The State:

The GOP's executive committee options were:

• Ask the governor to resign

• Reprimand the governor in a formal, nonbinding resolution

• Do nothing

• Or support the governor

Twenty-two committee members voted for a reprimand, 10 called for his resignation, while nine voted to support the governor.

What a bunch of losers. Are they that afraid that the Lt. Governor might be a gay? Well, yeah!

But the bigger loser, despite the fact that he's barely holding on to his job, is Mark Sanford. This guy had the death of a once in a generation American icon, the deaths of numerous other high-profile celebrities, not to mention a freaking serial killer on the loose in his state, perfectly timed to make his pathetic Harlequin romance story disappear from the media radar, and yet he still couldn't shut his pie-hole and make the whole thing just go away quietly.

Congrats South Carolina! You all may not be his "soul mate," but you're the ones shacked up with him, so you guys, ugh, won. By the grace of Jesus, no doubt. Yeehaw!

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