Though boring Jill Zarin and crazy Ramona Singer are still holding out for more money, a third season of Real Housewives of New York City has been greenlit, and the producers are in the hunt for more housewives...

Yes, the whole gang is expected to come back, and Bravo is hoping to find two new ladies to join them. Initially everyone thought that leathery bitch Kelly Bensimon would not return, but apparently she's eager to go on TV again to prove that she's not a self-centered nightmare. Plus, as an insider close to the show told Gatecrasher, she sorta makes for good TV:

People may hate Kelly, but they aren't immune to her. They hate her so much that they want to see what she'll do next. She's the bad guy, and that makes for interesting television.

It's perfectly understandable that Ramona would hold out for more money—rocket fuel isn't cheap, and she needs to fix the carbine-capacitor before she can slingshot past the moon and straight on towards home—but Jill? Really, hon? We like your mom, and we adore your hideously redesigned house, but other than that, you're the most blah of the group! Even your kid isn't the most interesting kid! (That title will forever go to Avery.)

Anyway. Obviously we're most excited for the return of Countess LuAnn "Crackerjacks" DeLesseps. Unfortunately we weren't able to get a comment from her, though we tried via payphone before she zoomed off in a rusted-out Thunderbird headed toward the Sierra Madres, never looking back.