"Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove was deposed Tuesday by attorneys for the House Judiciary Committee" in connection with his role in the US Attorney firings and politicized prosecutions by the Bush Justice Department. Hooray!

Rove is not yet actually in jail, so we are holding off on the champagne. Though he will never actually go to jail, so maybe we should just have champagne anyway?

Karl Rove personally ordered the firings of a bunch of too-liberal US Attorneys and he was also behind the politically-motivated corruption charges against the former Democratic governor of Alabama, and everyone knows this, and frankly what Rove and co. did to the entire Department of Justice is terrifying and will broadly hurt American in many, many ways for a generation. But, you know, Rove probably just lied about it all, because why not? Is anyone going to actually fight the divine right of Presidents to do whatever the fuck they want all the time without actual consequences? No. The Constitution is basically enforced on the Honor System, you know.

And Rove might testify again, and maybe someday some of his testimony might become public, and someday and in some form John Conyers' committee might release some sort of report, and on that day, justice will have finally been served.