Last month a replica of the Statue of Liberty outside of Vox Pop in Ditmas Park was stolen. On the fourth of July it turned up on YouTube getting the Daniel Pearl treatment. None of us are safe anymore.

Vox Pop, described as "a coffee-house, a bookstore and a publishing company" on its website, is a popular hangout for Brooklyn lefties who love free wi-fi, poetry readings and open-mic nights (and what Brooklyn lefty doesn't?) whose financial troubles were detailed in the New York Times back in March. Vox Pop's owner, Debi Ryan, said that the statue was stolen on June 21 and that she, like a typical pansy-ass liberal, is "scared" after seeing the hilariously amateurish video showing the blindfolded statue receiving a beheading as "We Don't Want Your Freedom" and "Death to America" flash across the screen repeatedly in Atari-esque font.

We didn't want to believe it could happen, but it was only a matter of time before the terrorists struck a coffee shop in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope has to be next, because there are few things that terrorists hate more than lesbians and strollers. Bet on it.

via Animal NY