Speculation regarding Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick moving into ginormous Park Slope digs was wrong! Via some crack NYT investigative reporting, Brooklyn teasing, and reportage bragging, the occupants who ended up in it are just as interesting: Google Bazillionaires.

Okay, so maybe not Bazillionaires, but they were definitely around before the Google IPO. Reports the Times on who actually ended up on what was rumored to be the pad SJP and Matthew Broderick were migrating to from the West Village: Google employees who declined to be named. And why all the anonymity?

The buyers asked that their names not be published - not to keep autograph seekers at bay, but because of the office culture at Google. It seems that the first generation of employees, who earned millions from stock options awarded when the company went public, sit side by side with colleagues who were hired later.

Ouch. Somewhere in the Google offices, someone who lives in a mansion is sitting side-by-side with someone stuck in a one-bedroom in the land of the hoi polloi. Meanwhile, the Times took this time to stick their tounge out at, uh, lesser outlets who rested their reporting on purely speculative efforts:

Ina Treciokas, a spokesman for Ms. Parker, said that as of last week she had received only two calls about the town house, and had unequivocally denied that Ms. Parker had any connection to it. She also said that none of the scores of entertainment and real estate Web sites that picked up the story bothered to call to ask about Ms. Parker's real estate plans.

In your face, entertainment sites! But it gets better: the Times also took a moment to swipe at what's - truth be told - another borough that isn't Manhattan. Clearly fit for a Google employee, not movie stars. Duh.

In the last few days, real estate and entertainment bloggers and columnists have been twittering en masse over rumors and reports that the ultimate Manhattan girl, Sarah Jessica Parker, and her husband, Matthew Broderick, had decided to abandon Manhattan, and their 20-foot-wide West Village town house, for a larger place in what, truth be told, is still an outer borough.

We may be a speculative entertainment blogger, but the reporters at the Times are still, truth be told, kinda assholes. No matter where they live.

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