Charity: The New, New-Media Profit Model

Why charge for reporting when you can just beg readers for the cash to do it? One news outlet's already taking the progressive step of doing so.

The Chi-Town Daily News reported on a developer who tore down a Victorian home built in the 1890s, who's now a little too cash-strapped to carry on with building the nice condos he planned on putting there. Nice story, right?

But the kicker comes at the bottom:


Charity: The New, New-Media Profit Model

Yes, they note that they're a "501(c)(3) public charity" that "depend on contributions from readers like you to train volunteer neighborhood reporters and produce Chicago's best independent local news coverage." Non-profits: the new New Media Profit Model! Considering the profitability of most other news outlets, it looks like the Chi-Town Daily News is way ahead of its time. They could also just lease out their offices to shoot movies. Then again, they probably don't have any. Cost-cutting efficiency, too!

Charity: The New, New-Media Profit Model

Condo project in question amid financial concerns [Chi-Town Daily News]


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