When are you the most greatest individual in the entire Philadelphia metropolitan region, you can't be walking around with just any cell phone. Today, Arthur "Zoolander" Kade reveals the hot "Special Edition" phone he's getting, when he can afford it.

All of my friends have Crackberrys, and I have always refused to get one because I feel like it is to "Ordinary" and "General Population", in the representation of my brand, and I don't want to give the whole world another avenue to reach me, because everyone wants a piece, and now that they are seeing "The Journey" fully cross over to mainstream America, I am getting bombarded with phone calls from fans and journalists (Gawker posted my number months ago, and everyone around the world wants an interview about "The Journey") and emails, so having a BBM Pin would be death. Whatever technology Arthur Kade carries should be something only A Listers carry, or else I am tarnishing myself.

We're pretty sure all those calls were from the Chinese delivery guy, but no matter. In this never-before-seen video clip, Arthur shows off the exclusive, $8,000 phone that (listen carefully!) he would consider getting, if he could. It matches his shoulder line perfectly.