In 2006 ABC's Bob Woodruff was seriously injured in a bombing by Iraqi insurgents while covering the war for his network. Today he returned for the first time since the incident.

Woodruff, who was 28 days into a stint as co-anchor of ABC's World News Tonight when a roadside bomb left him physically disfigured and in a coma for five weeks, is reporting this week from Iraq on the improvements in medical technology and safety equipment that has helped the military reduce casualties from injuries like the ones he suffered in 2006. Woodruff, traveling with Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had this to say about his trip:

Mr. Woodruff, who was not available for an interview on Monday, wrote on the Web site that he had deliberated with his colleagues and with the military about whether he should attempt this week's trip at all.

"I have wanted to ‘get back on the horse again' since my recovery," he wrote. "This will be a different horse, probably not as big, not as fast and without running outside the ‘wire,' " meaning that he would stay within military bases "without going out on the streets or battle zones" as he did in the past.

Woodruff's first report from Iraq will air Tuesday morning on Good Morning America.

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