Arthur Kade, the world's greatest man/thespian, is in New York to work as a "featured extra" in some flick. To enhance "The Journey," Kade took the bus in from Philly, slumming in the back "like a modern day Rosa Parks."

Nevermind the fact that it was Rosa Parks' refusal to sit in the back of the bus that made her an American civil rights icon, such historical accuracy only diverts our attention from our hero's latest efforts to become the Jesus Christ of film acting or whatever, so just pay attention, okay?!

So today, I decided to change some habits and get back to basics, and took the $15 "Bolt Bus" to NYC (Instead of the ultra luxurious Acela I usually travel in), and even got a small room at The Pod Hotel, which is an upscale version of a Hostel in Midtown NYC with Bunk-Beds and a shared bathroom so I could taste struggle and poorness again and come down to Earth. I even rode in the back of the bus to feel the symbolism of "The Journey", because I see myself as a modern day Rosa Parks making a stand for the rights of the "Modern Actor" (An actor who does it with out worrying about what people think), and stared out the window thinking about how many people are living through me, and cheering for Arthur Kade to be the greatest actor in the world.

I am so excited to be on a premiere movie set for the first time in a month, and to feel the rush of the PA's and actors looking at me, and participating with me in making something special. When I worked on AirBender, we became a family, and I miss the feeling of connecting and feeling admiration from people who understand my plight, and I can't wait to be doing what I love again, not just focusing on being famous. I also have to plan my next Kade Angeles Trip this week, because I am getting tons of audition requests there, so I am looking into getting second place there shortly so I can be Bi-coastal. I am also going to try and run back to Philly to make my commercial class tomorrow night after a 7AM Call time for the movie.

Here's Arthur on his cab ride down the West Side highway talking about his big role in Step Up, though we can't seem to find a title listing for a project going by that name currently in any stage of production anywhere in the world.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing Arthur Kade act, check out his rendition of Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.

Arthur Kade, we are convinced now more than ever that you are a total fraud, which we guess makes you a genius, and for that reason we stand in awe of you now, always and forever.

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