Oh Fox & Friends. The whimpering ferrets had Show-and-Tell today, and somebody (Gretchywetchy, was it you?) brought in their crazy uncle Glenn Beck. He wanted to warn the kids of one thing: Communism is coming. And it will destroy us.

Yeah, Uncle Glenn sat there, leaning back on the stiff styrofoam-filled couches in his stuffy business casual, talking about some French (French, Glenn? French??) book (book, Glenn? Book??) that he'd just read about how a New World Order or New World Government is being formed right now, and that the world is uniting terribly and that somehow national policy like Cap-and-Trade will hasten its hideous arrival and soon we'll all be whipped chain gang slaves saying "Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos."

Of course the overgrown, brain-addled gerbils sitting across from him ate it up like so much corn-fed, overly-processed, Grade A American hamburger meat, their heads bobbing up and down in witless, echoing assent.