Lizzie Grubman, lobster-faced PR woman and runner-over-of regular people, once had an assistant named Robert Rave. That since-disillusioned young man has now published a roman à clef about a boy working for a fearsome PR dragon. We've got a manuscript!

Spin is big and thick and getting a roll out from St. Martin's next month, but really the first few pages of the prologue tell it all. A blowed-out, little-black-dress-clad, ogre-handed orange menace named Jennie blowing lines at 6am while complaining about black people. Seriously! Take a look for yourself! The fictional Robert wakes up one morning to the following scene:

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Um, brutal! Be afraid Mr. Rave, be very, very afraid. We can't wait to get to the part about some sort of horrible "accident" outside a Hamptons nightclub.

See you at the book party, Rob. If you make it that long.