The Way We Live Now: All Thothed out. Central Park's most...loiny street performer has been shut down by The Man. Our national half-naked dancing violinist falsetto index is approaching an all-time low.

Thoth was allegedly "shut down by the city" because he couldn't go along and get along in their world. Their world is shaped like a box, and they want all the little people to fit into the box all nice and tidy. But Thoth's world was shaped like a loincloth, and he chose to whirl his world around, scandalously, while dressed like an extra from Last of the Mohicans who sings like an extra from Amadeus. And that wasn't something The Man could fit into their tidy little box. The New York Post explains how it all went down:

Park officials had asked performers to stop, but [Thoth] did not

What an absurd farce. What an farcical purge. What a purge of loins. Across the world, family businesses crumble, robots get laid off, and desperate drivers fill their gas tanks with algae, hoping that it burns. Yet things that are beautiful must be crushed rudely to earth. Ask not for whom the bell OF JUDGMENT tolls, The Man. It tolls for Thoth.