Oh my—Bill O'Reilly is angry. Angry at Newsweek specifically, for perpetrating what he sees as a "growing problem in America...media corruption." What did Newsweek do? They allowed a liberal columnist to criticize Fox News and Sarah Palin!

Yes, Bill was all hot under the collar on his show last night because Newsweek allowed Rick Perlstein to say mean things in a "vicious piece" about Sarah Palin and, of course, Fox News, without clearly identifying him as a "far-left zealot" rather than merely an "author." Never mind the fact that O'Reilly regularly invites mouth-breathers like John Zeigler and Ann Coulter to be guests on his show regularly on the "fair and balanced" network without ever identifying them as "far-right zealots." Of course not, because to O'Reilly, these people are normal.

Now excuse me while I go stick my head out the window for an hour or so.