Kim Cattrall breaks up with her man, Will and Jada Smith have lots of sex, Chace Crawford is moving out of Ed Westwick's place to get his own apartment downtown and Megan Fox is shopping for a house.

  • The cougar to end all cougars is on the prowl again as Kim Cattrall is single after dumping her boyfriend of five years. She is a man-eater and we are oh so willing to be devoured! [EOnline]

  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith want everyone to know that they do lots of boning. They get it on all over the place. They will bone in your bed if you don't keep an eye on them. So, just so you know, they are married and neither of them is gay and they nail each other all the time. [Page Six]

  • Chace Crawford is finally moving out of Ed Westwick's pad and getting a place of his own down in the financial district. [Daily News]

  • Megan Fox is looking for a new pad in the Los Angeles area in the 2 to 3 million dollar range. For now she continues to shack up with David Silver. [Daily News]

  • The LAPD is investigating the death of Michael Jackson as a homicide and they are focusing their investigation on Dr. Ronald Murray. [TMZ]

  • Guy Ritchie came back into the picture and Madonna kicked Latin boy toy Jesus Luz to the curb. Maybe he and Carlos Leon can get coffee together and talk sometime. [Daily News]

  • Lance Bass, who went to space camp as a kid and attempted to become a Russian astronaut or something a few years back, is holding fast to his dream of traveling into outer space. [Daily News]

  • Is Penelope Cruz pregnant with Javier Bardem's baby? Page Six seems to think so, all because of what they see as a bit of an obvious "baby bump." [Page Six]

  • After spending much of the past decade living the crackhead lifestyle, Whitney Houston has cleaned up remarkably well. [Daily Mail]