Radical Catholic Mullah Randall Terry is profiled in today's Washington Post. Terry used to be a prominent leader of the anti-abortion movement. Now, he is just a crazy loser whom no one likes.

Back in the golden era of the culture wars, the abortion issue was debated by screaming morons chaining themselves to things, mailing fetuses to presidents, and generally trying to make moral, legal, and ethical questions into hysterical pissing matches. That is when Randall Terry was king.

Now, though, it's much quieter. Pro-choicers have maintained a stable plurality of public support. And anti-choicers discovered that they're much better off fighting abortion by making it completely unavailable instead of illegal. It attracts way less attention! Until some nut goes and shoots a doctor, and some other nut celebrates that shooting with wings and beer.

And also things did not go so well for Randall Terry, for a while!

Terry's personal life got messy, too. In 2000, he divorced his first wife, Cynthia, with whom he'd had a daughter, adopted two more children and taken in a foster child. The following year he married Andrea, a young campaign volunteer. His actions earned him a public reprimand from his longtime minister in Binghamton and condemnation from some in the evangelical community.

Then there were problems with his children. His adopted son Jamiel came out as gay in 2004, and Terry renounced him. (They've since reconciled.) His adopted daughter and his foster daughter got pregnant out of wedlock; the foster daughter converted to Islam.

Yes, that sounds like a weird couple years for him.

But now Randall Terry's living in DC, trying to get a reality show, and training his cult followers to interrupt Al Franken during Supreme Court confirmation hearings. He's back on top!

[Photo: AP]