Is Britney Spears Cheating on Her New Boyfriend/Agent?

Britney Spears spent two days in Atlanta with some mystery dude, Michael Jackson's doctor is being investigated for murder, Brad Pitt puts Ashton Kutcher in his place, Renee Zellweger prepares to get fat again, and Madonna's tour suffers a tragedy.

  • Is Britney Spears cheating on her boyfriend/agent with some wanker named Dallas Austin? She was rumored to have spent a couple of days at his house in Atlanta, where they probably did lots and lots of boning. [Page Six]

  • Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan on Mad Men, says she's been dying hair red for the last 20 years because she feels like a redhead inside. [Gatecrasher]

  • Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, is definitely the subject of a homicide probe by the LAPD. [Mirror]

  • Brad Pitt says that he often talks to Angelina Jolie while she is sitting on the toilet doing, well, you know. [Mirror]

  • Brad Pitt laid into Ashton Kutcher for taking a picture of his wife's ass and posting it onto his Twitter account. [Sun]

  • Two men died after a stage being set up for a Madonna concert gave way and collapsed. [Daily Mail]

  • This is just basically a pic of Brad Pitt riding his motorbike, but I feel compelled to link to it anyway. [Sun]

  • Renee Zellweger is going around showing off her skinny body before she piles on a bunch of fat in preparation for her role in the new Bridget Jones movie. [Mirror]

  • Gerard Butler says that Jennifer Aniston is a "classy lady" which means that he is most definitely boning her, in case you were wondering. [DListed]

  • Pete Doherty had to get special permission from a court to be able to spend time with his sister on her birthday. [Daily Mail]