Biz Stone is selling his two-bedroom home in the Berkeley Hills. The Twitter co-founder didn't say why "it's time to move;" maybe to live closer to Twitter HQ in San Francisco, or maybe he's just outgrown this artist's hovel.

Just look at it: The two-bedroom cottage lists at less than $600,000, making it practically a shack by the standards of the Bay Area tech elite, who can easily pay seven figures for a basic, single-family home in their favored neighborhoods. Sure, it was designed by modernist architect William Wurster, but where is a tech mogul going to park his helicopter?

Living in such a small place may have been a necessary sacrifice when Stone, a sometime writer, was churning out such literary achievements as "Who Let the Blogs Out?" and "Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content," works in which he earned the right to call this a "poet's cottage."


But now that Stone has empowered the world to write beautiful poetry, 140 characters at a time, it's time to move on. Aspiring artists/blog tool makers now have their chance to snatch up Stone's tidy home base:

[via SF Weekly]


(Pics via property listing)