The Week In Orgies: Oprah's Sex Cruise & Eyes Wide Shut LIVE

The owner of a British manor house is stunned when recent renters host a masked ball that turns orgiastic, and Oprah's gala cruise for her staff turns into a floating bathhouse. Ah, the summer of love...

If the British are reserved, they let that repressed sexual tension out recently at an estate in Somerset. Halswell House owner Graham Bond rented out the property to a group of ritzy revelers for a masked ball. At the stroke of midnight, the 350 guests dropped their cloaks to reveal nuttin' but leather pants, corsets, suspenders and what God gave 'em. The sex 'twixt these Cinderellas and Cinderfellas so shocked Bond, he sent his staff home and called the cops, who told him to bugger off since it was a private party between consenting adults. Mr. Bond — what a prude! [Telegraph]

Oh, Oprah! All she wanted to do was show her staff a lil' appreciation by treating them to a $10 million dollar cruise through the Mediterranean. According to the revved-up rumor mill, they took it and ran, turning the vacay into something out of Penthouse Forum. There's the dude found passed out buck naked on a couch near the ship's nightclub. Then there was the randy fella who missed the boat's Athens departure thanks to onshore nookie. Finally, two couples were caught making babies on deck. And the big O? She was off cavorting with galpal Gayle. But we won't add any more rumors about those two. [National Enquirer]