The World's Oldest Man died at age 113 today in what we hope is not a publicity stunt to steal Walter Cronkite's thunder. His secret to longevity? Tons of smoking, boozing and sexing up the ladies. They all say that!

Seriously, this story of Brit Henry Allingham squeezed a wee bit of a tear out of our jaded eyes. It's not everyday you meet someone born during the reign of Queen Victoria and who remembers an era of horse drawn carriages and no electricity. No more feeling ancient because you remember the days before computers! Pshaw!

Having fought in the trenches of World War I, Allingham dedicated his life to reminding increasingly younger generations about the terrible toll of war. Surviving that, he went on to experience that glorious pageant called the 20th Century, working for then budding company Ford and amassing a whopping 14 great-great grandkiddies and one great-great-great-grandkiddy. Whew!

Whenever an internationally famous legend passes on, a little person passes, too. It's Saturday night. In honor of the world's former oldest man, we're off to some smoking, boozing and sexing of our own.

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