Jesus. Two San Francisco MUNI light rail trains collided earlier this afternoon; officials are counting over 44 to 60 injured.

It doesn't look too bad; there don't appear to be any fatal injuries. People are reporting different stories about the train's conductor, which some said were waving his hands (as if he had no control over the car), the other noting that he was slumped over. Authorities have yet to comment.

The accident occurred just before 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon when a westbound Metro line-L Taraval train slammed into the back of a Metro line-KT Ingleside/Third Street train that was stopped in the station. The front of the L car was totally smashed in, the car itself bent and its windshield shattered from the impact.

This is the third trainwreck in less than a month on fairly famous lines, one which happened in front of a bunch of families and children at Walt Disney World on the Monorail, killing an employee, the other at the DC Metro which killed nine people. There's the idiom about bad things coming in threes; hopefully, this'll be the last trainwreck we see for a while. Then again, three train crashes in a month? Really? In the recent (trainwreck of a) Nicolas Cage movie, Knowing, there's a subway crash and soon thereafter the world ends. But only one subway crash. Three: you think we're being told something?

Dozens Injured In MUNI Crash [KCBS]