The Post reports that 300 old school, "Heil Hitler" Nazis lurk in America, doing monstrosities like retiring in Michigan and tending flowers in Queens. Meanwhile, new school Nazis spread seeds of hate by makin' sweet love to Israeli women.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is closing in on the few remaining survivors of modern history's greatest atrocity, aiming to weed out the last few WWII Nazis hiding in America before they are "too sick to bring to trial." On the one hand, these former Nazis have worked hard to escape their past and become upstanding members of society. On the other hand, they did keep malnourished concentration camp prisoners from escaping using attack dogs. Kiiiinda hard to let that slide.

We also frickin' frakin' freakin' hope the same rigorous effort is being expended to ferret out the Neo-Nasty racists who proudly proclaim their hate in our very military.

Nazis! They're our neighbors, our grandpas, our soldiers, the father of our children. Stop the fucking madness!