A grassroots rebellion has seized Twitter in an effort to save Paula's slot on the Idol's judges panel. Will the Twitterverse switch their avatars from a Iran-protest green to a sparkly rainbows for Paula?

Fox! What is going on with you? Your network has set the high water mark for quality and now you choose to ruin your good name with this abysmal judgment? Why would you ditch Paula? Is it because she sat on a day laborer in Brüno (that was obviously a symbolic critique on our broken immigration policy!) You can't get rid of Paula. She is the slurred voice of the Vicodin riddled masses! She is the chorus in the Greek tragedy of Idol — which, obviously, makes Simon the smite-happy Zeus. Even though her remarks lack a certain insight they're like tight hugs to terrified contestants. Paula is the teacher that believes every child's finger-painting portrait belongs on the fridge. How can you turn your back on her? Here's a reminder of her wonderfulness:

Musical theater tribute to Paula's big heart!

Paula just wants your affection.


Paula on the beauty of Jason Castro (and Leonard Cohen)!