Ha! A scandal involving the Royal Family. It's been too long since we've had one of those, no? Oh and this one is good.

An undercover reporter for the trashy British tabloid News of the World went to Ibiza to visit with the uncle of Kate Middleton, Prince William's fiancee, Gary Goldsmith, who's apparently a huge cocaine dealer. Sweet! And the reporter got all sorts of juicy stuff, including a drug transaction, on tape. In the video Goldsmith brags about how his sister's daughter will be heir to the thrown and how he'll be named "Duke of Slough," among other things.

Goldsmith was out to impress and eagerly played on his royal connections - detailing how Kate was his niece and bragging of a return trip by her and Prince William to his villa next month. Telling how the couple stayed with him in 2006 - a visit reported in the British press at the time - he described the prince as "lovely" before adding: "Yeah, so they all turn up with their M16 to guard them.

"My first words to Prince William were, 'Oi, you f***er! Did you break my glass pyramids?' He and a pal had been throwing balls around and broke all these ornamenal pyramids I had - loads of them."

"My friends were here teaching William how to mix (music on DJ decks). Yeah, it was brilliant. And they told him he needs a shout, 'The King's in da house!' He's a very friendly guy."

Antonia claimed that she and Goldsmith were due to meet the couple for lunch this week in London. She mused: "Yeah. We're going . . . to see their little romance blossoming."

Oops. Well, so much for all that. That bitchy Queen will probably force young Kate and her family to cut all ties with Goldsmith, lest they forbid Prince William from marrying a "common."

Here's the video from News of the World:

Long live the trashy British tabloids!

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