A couple weeks ago, Fox & Friends' disgruntled hedgehog Brian Kilmeade dumbly implied that inter-culture marriages aren't pure. And a lot of people got mad! So this morning, back from a relaxing vacay in Bermuda or something, he apologized.

Of course the apology was vague and lazily set up, coming directly after some segment in which Steve, Brian, and Calamity Jane were discussing Bikinis. Bikinis: Do They Cross the Line? This is important. So following that bit, Kilmeade put his hands together in prayer and offered a sincere apology for suggesting that most of us are filthy mudbloods who are horrible and impure.

We, for one, believe him. After all, he himself is the product of the coupling between a rutabaga and a weathered garden gnome. Or at least sometimes he talks like he is!

Fox & Friends: Crossing the Line Always!