In your muggy Monday media column: New bosses at Interview Magazine, CBS keeps Walter Cronkite around, the Ahwatukee Foothills News' reputation is tarnished by a faux chef, and Cody Willard sits at a bar.

Interview Magazine, which has been mired in managerial chaos for months now (at minimum), is going through a management shakeup:

Brant Publications named Evanly Schindler, founder of the magazine BlackBook, president, and promoted Stephen Mooallem, an editor at Interview for six years, to editor in chief. Also, Karl Templer, who left the magazine this year, is returning to his former post, creative director.

Mr. Mooallem and Mr. Templer will report to Fabien Baron, the editorial director who recently returned to Interview, which had monthly circulation last year of 223,000. Mr. Schindler said he would continue as an owner and editor in chief of Tar, a twice-yearly arts magazine.

We'll know in a year or so whether this will do one god damn thing to help the magazine's fortunes.

CBS News was planning to retire their little voiceover of the late Walter Cronkite introducing Katie Couric's nightly broadcast, but now they're like, ah, fuck it, we're keeping it after all. Of greater concern to CBS: Walter Cronkite was 4% of its total nightly news viewership.


A 21 year-old chef in Arizona totally scammed his local paper into writing a story about how he got a fancy culinary scholarship and became "the youngest sous chef at the posh Compass Restaurant on top of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix." Basically he just wanted some publicity and made the whole story up. Just goes to show how easy it is to scam the working press, if you really want to. Outrageous. I mean, sure, it can happen to us, but to the Ahwatukee Foothills News? Disgraceful.

Long-haired Fox Business host/ bar-sitter Cody Willard is exactly as interesting as you would expect when he goes out at night.