Right-Wing Press to Publish Right-Wing Beauty Queen's Right-Wing Book, Coos Right-Wing Blog

Oh good! Carrie Prejean, the brave stateswoman who stood up nobly at a Miss USA pageant and said that gay people shouldn't have equal rights, has landed a book deal with prestigious imprint Regnery. Andrew Breitbart is so excited!

Carrie California's Still Standing (oh what a strong and courageous title!), about the whirlwind of unfairness that erupted after she told a bunch of beauty pageant people that they shouldn't be able to get married, will drop in November of this year. Which means this little lady has a lot of thinkin' and typin' to do in just four short months. (Good thing she won't actually write it.)

Regnery is home to a whole host of notable, non-loonybird authors. Authors like Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, teen sex scaremonger Meg Meeker (not a big fan of the gays herself), and Ollie North.

So, good news for everyone, really! But mostly a victory for Miss Prejean, whose First Amendment rights were violated because she said something distasteful and then she was criticized for it. Poor thing deserves this success, really.