Despite the fact that The Bobs are coming to send many to the unemployment line, Conde Nasters still need to hook up, thus they post Missed Connections ads on Craigslist. Naturally, we'd love to help facilitate a coupling!

Here's the text of a Missed Connection ad currently on Craigslist:

I just saw you in the elevator of the Conde Nast building. You got on at the 12th floor and I was already in the elevator. We looked at each other and smiled. I think you are so pretty I just had to post this right away (I doubt you'll see it though). You have black hair, dark brown eyes (almost black), a black shirt, and a black and white skirt. If you see this, please write me.

The run-in happened yesterday morning, so surely some of you Conde Nasters out there must know something about the young lady (a Voguette possibly?) involved here. Help us, help you! Feel free to send any info/updates to us. Let's make this happen people!

Elevator of Conde Nast Building [Craigslist]
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