Media law is boring. Not in South Korea! The National Assembly passed a long-awaited reform bill to privatize the media over there today, but only after brawling, screaming, and storming the podium. Pay attention, Republicans:

As the votes proceeded, the assembly's police encircled the deputy speaker, while members of minority parties repeatedly tried to jump onto the dais to halt the proceedings. One woman lawmaker from the main opposition Democratic Party screamed loudly in front of the podium and fought with other women who tried to quiet her.

The Sarah Palin of South Korea, ladies and gentlemen. Absorb these action shots and reflect upon why American Congresspersons are such pussies:

"Media privatization is undemocratic, kind sir!"


"I would like to register my philosophical opposition to corporate control of media distribution channels, my friends!"

"South Korea must end its puritan coddling of mass media outlets, dear colleagues!"


"Our economy, already dominated by bottom-line-oriented conglomerates, will only become further homogenized if this misguided bill passes, my sweet love!"


[WSJ. Pics: AP]