Oooo, Fox & Friends has a lil' crush! On Lt./Capt. Mitch Buchannon himself, David Hasselhoff. See the Hoff was on The View recently and said Barack Obama was boring! A doozy! Now Doocy, Bri-Bri, and Random Girl just love him.

See, they have something against The View because it's full of liberals and run by women with no authoritative man types to loudly talk over them until they sit stupidly in a corner like good old Gretchen does (come back from vacation already, Wetchy! Your little badger swats at logic are sorely missed). Plus they don't respect Republican spokesidiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck, so they're doubly jerks over at that show.

Doocy and Kilmeade also don't like Barack Obama because he's a socialist illegal immigrant who wants to take all your money away. So someone like the Hoff pissing off the View ladies and insulting Obama? Man oh man is that mother's milk to them. Watch them try and fail to stifle childish giggles!

I'm gonna miss you fuckers. I really am.